How To Workout For Longevity

My quick notes on an article by Christian Thibaudeau

October 12, 2021

This article contains my notes to summerize the article “The Eternal Warrior Plan” by Christian Thibaudeau.

I have been a long time reader of T-nation especially articles by Christian Thibaudeau. This man is so full of knowledge that’s practicle for experts, beginner, pros and all the rest.

During the month of October there was an awsome article named “The Eternal Warrior Plan” wherein Christian shared some very insightful thoughts about how to train for longetivity and in this article I have tried to summerize a few points and I hope that this summary would help you to get a gist of the original article in case you are in a hurry and you want to distill the article down to the essential points.

What the research says?👩‍🔬

  • Carb surplus and Caloric surplus will favor muscle growth, but they can reduce longevity. Carb deficit and caloric deficit can increase longevity, but it’ll make it harder to build muscle.

  • Resistance training favours muscle growth and endurance training slows cellular ageing.

  • Higher body mass increases ageing. Lower body mass slows down cellular age.

How to use this knowledge to build MUSCULARITY, STRENGTH, LONGEVITY? 🏋️‍♂️

  • Get lean and stay lean. Geeting lean makes you look more muscular and a lean body doesn’t put strain on your cardiovascular system becasue your body now has to carry around less mass.

  • Train you cardiovascular system. This is important to carry all the muscles that you would build.

  • Work towards increasing your work capacity. Unless you are a pro aiming for Mr. olympia you are better off in increasing your capacity to do more exercises in less amount of time.

  • Walk more. Walking is a great, low strain form of cardio and is good for your mind and body.

  • Give loaded carries priority. Farmer’s walk, suitcass walk etc. challenges your entire musculature as well as your cardiovascular syste. This also transfers to your real life like carrying a heavy bag of grocery even when you are 60+ years of age.

  • Don’t chase the idea of getting “as big as possible”. This mindset won’t serve you well. To quote from the original article.

How many 280-pound, 70-year olds do you see walking around?


I have tried to distill some of the bigger points in this article from the original article. However, I strongly recommend you to read the original article as there are many more thing (include a bonus workout template) which I didn’t cover here. However, this article is kind of a quick note for me and you which we can use to design our next workout template or just keep these things in mind if the goal is to keep lifting as long as possible.

Further reading

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